Vivi i colori

Amongst Carnival’s unmistakeable traits, there is one that cannot be missing: it’s colour. Colour as freedom of expression, colour as a sign of life, of joy, of a state of mind, of emotions. In the case of Venice colour also as is tradition, such as the great Veneto painting of the 18th century Can aletto’s, Guardi’s, Belotto’s and the earlier one, made famous by the tradition of Tiziano, Giorgione, Bellini, Veronese, who perfected the art of perspective painting¬† and of colours over the centuries in the lagoon.

In truth Venice could offer nothing better in the chromatic sphere. Its position, just brushing the water, endlessly increases the tonality of its vistas, offering a range of colours. And colour itself wishes to set the pace for this edition of the Carnival, which will offer a broad series of events.

Portale di Venezia

Carnevale 2013